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  • Published on May 16, 2017
    10 Things You've Always Wondered

    1. Mosquito Bites

    stock-illustration-15926381-cartoon-mosquitoNothing puts a damper on camping like mosquito bites.  All you have on your mind is a burning desire to scratch that little sucker, while instead you should be focusing on actually enjoying the outdoors.  So what attracts these little buggers?  Carbon Dioxide, and it's just unfortunate that we happen to emit this constantly.  Mosquitos also tend to be  attracted to blonde hair, fragrant perfumes, and dark clothing.  You can of course use bug sprays to repel mosquitoes, but if you aren't comfortable exposing yourself to the powerful DEET chemical there are also some natural methods to keep you mosquito bite free.  One of those methods is catnip oil, which is actually ten times more effective than DEET.  This might be obvious, but if you minimize your skin exposure by wearing long sleeved shirts and pants this would deter mosquitoes even more.    *Pro tip* If you do happen to get bitten, applying Orajel will give you some immediate relief!

    2. Major Stargazing Dates of 2016

    Any Stargazers out there? Well here are some must see dates for some extra stellar events.

    • 120514-eclipsephoto-hmed-1010a_files-grid-6x2July 28-29: Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower
    • August 16: Mercury at its greatest eastern elongation
    • September 1: Annular Solar Eclipse aka "Ring of Fire" eclipse
    • September 16: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
    • October 16: Super Moon
    • December 21: December Solstice

    3. Best Fire Starters

    1. Strike Anywhere Matches
    2. Steel Wool and Battery
    3. Flint and Steel
    4. Birthday Candles
    5. Coal Briquettes lined in an Egg Carton
    6. Birch Bark

    4. Sunscreen Myths

    When it comes to sunscreen you should always apply it, no matter what shade of skin you are.  But when it comes to dangers-of-sunscreen-vancouver-naturopathwhich one to apply, most people get confused on which SPF to use.  Here are some key facts:

    • SPF = "Screen Protection Factor"
    • With SPF 15 you can stay out 15x longer
    • SPF 30, 30x longer
    • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UV rays
    • SPF 30 blocks 97%

    5. Nature's Thermostatjiminy-cricket-45

    If you've ever wondered what the temperature was outside while you were outdoors, you can figure it out with the help of crickets!  Simply count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and add 37, and voila! You have the temperature in degrees, sounds crazy, but it's true!

    6. Who invented the S'more?

    smores-shakeology-marshmallowThe origins of this delicious campfire snack is still unknown.  However this little snack first appeared in literature in 1927 in an issue of "Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts".  They were originally called "Some Mores" and the credit for the recipe is given to the Troop Leader, Loretta Scott Crew.

    7. Snake Bites

    If you are bitten by a venomous snake, call 911 immediately.  While you are waiting for help to arrive, remove any tight jewelry before the swelling starts.  Also position the bite below your heart if possible.  DO NOT cut the wound or try to remove the poison yourself. Don't apply ice or consume any alcohol or coffee, for this could speed the absorption of venom into your blood.

    8. Jellyfish Stingjoey_jellyfish

    Unlike the popular myth states, peeing on a jellyfish sting has not proven to be effective to healing it.  According to the Mayo Clinic, instead you should remove the stinger, apply vinegar or baking soda, apply a cold compress or take a hot shower, and take a pain reliever.

    9. Is it Poisonous?

    If you're hiking on the trail and you see a bush of berries you might feel tempted to just pop a few in your mouth.  I mean they LOOK like blackberries, sort of... so how bad could they be? No matter how much they may seem as harmless it's best to refrain from eating wild berries.  Just wait until you can go to your local Trader Joe's if you're princ_rm_photo_of_poison_ivy_oak_and_sumacreally craving some fresh fruit...

    If you're hiking on the trail and you see a bush with bundles of three leaves stay clear from
    there too! "Leaves of three, let them be".  It's most likely poison ivy or oak, and you don't need that in your life!

    10. Is Sasquatch real?




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