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  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
    Camping with Dogs

    It’s only natural to want to tto-16bring out four-legged best friend along for the fun when going camping. More likely than not, your dog with has more of a blast exploring and taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells. However, just like with anyone you care about, you’d want to make sure they’re safe throughout the journey. Here are some things to take into consideration for your canine pal.

    Before anything else, make sure you check the websites or call the campground where you’re staying to make sure dogs are allowed. Most campgrounds are dog friendly which is one of the reasons many retirees RV vs taking cruises or time shares as most don’t allow pets.


    tto-3Check- Up and Tag It Up

    Take your pup to the vet to have them looked over and
    prepped with the latest vaccines. Ticks loves dogs even more than we humans do, so make sure to ask about Lyme disease and any other questions you may have. In case of an emergency, get your pet’s latest official papers and records as well as the contact info of your vet, along with all medications and prescriptions. If you don’t have them already, of course, make sure you have ID tags with your name, address, phone number, and so on.

    Make ‘Em Feel at HomeIMG_1082

    Bring your dog’s regular food and food bowls, as well as their favorite toys to play with on the trip there. Of course, collars and leashes are a must, along with lots of water for your pal to stay hydrated. Bring along a travel cage (we use plastic baby gates) and a couple blankets or towels too, just to be safe.

    You Are Not Your Dogs

    Although dogs often reflect their owners,
    when it comes to something as big as camping, your dog will handle things differently. Always keep them in road-warrior-5control and try to limit barking so you don’t disturb other campers or the wildlife. Dogs don’t sweat, so make sure there’s enough shade they can relax in if it gets too hot. In general, you’ll want to keep an eye on your dog and properly prepare for certain weather. Make sure they get enough water and exercise as well as rest and food. Dogs do however enjoy new and exciting activities like hiking, biking and kayaking.

    Clean Up

    In order to avoid breaking any campsite rules, clean up after your dog. Bring plastic bags on walks and clean up any food your dog doesn’t eat so no wildlife is attracted for the safety of you and your pet. The more dog owners clean up after their dogs the more RV Parks will be open to the idea of being dog friendly.



    Take them for a Walk

    Get out and check out the campground. Take your 4 legged friends out to get some exercise and all the new smells. If you have an older dog and a baby, they may enjoy riding down below.


    Make sure your dog is happy and healthy and go have fun!


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