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  • Published on Jul 06, 2017
    Master Chef on the Road

    The possibilities are endless when it 453614958comes to cooking on the road in an RV. The biggest question involved is, where will you take your kitchen?Now some campers like to rough it. Hunt and forage for their meals, and that's great, but you're not Bear Grylls and Afraid and you've got a full kitchen at your disposal. It's always good to have a stock of go-to recipes before you set out on the road. Make a plan, and stop by your local grocery store to
    load up on ingredients.  When you're planning meals, a simple calendar with each day split into three meals is perfect to keep you organized.  As you're going down the aisles grab what you need, and start checking off the days.

    A few of my fave dishes are roasted veggies, pastas, homemade pizza (or frozen) , and roasted weenies.


    And don't forget dessert! S'mores, instant brownies or cake, and maybe even apple pie if you're up to the baking.  smorescookies

    A good method to planning out meals are preparing meals with similar ingredients, as to shorten your grocery list and save some fridge space.  For example, you can pick up similar ingredients for various pasta and pizza recipes.  The common denominator being tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings.

    d6f13cc54b1adb09973c0fdf5f9263afAnother tip to planning is to think simple.  Normally at home some roasted weenies wouldn't fly as a lunch, but you're camping! So there are some exceptions to your daily diet.

    You'll also want to make sure you have all the basic utensils to prepare your meals.  This means pots, pans, spatulas, knives, etc. You don't want to overpack, so just include the bare essentials.

    The worse thing a meal can be is burnt, the second worse is bland, so don't forget to pack plenty of seasoning to spice up your meals.  This spice rack is both a compact and stylish addition to your kitchen.  fdd36bc0ca2c7709748110f85658e459

    Hope these tips help make RV life a little easier, and if you have any great recipes for the road feel free to share them below.

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