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  • Published on Mar 18, 2015

    Restaurant Bracket


    Welcome to March, where brackets and basketball rule! At JD Sanders RV Center, we thought it would be fun to set up a bracket of our own! That's right, we set up a mock March Madness bracket that features the Top 16 restaurants in the Gainesville area. 

    Now before you get your pitchforks and come down to our dealership professing your love for a restaurant that didn't make it, let us explain how we got to these conclusions.

    We took into account our preferences, numerous review sites and the overall stars of each restaurant. That gave us the Top 16. We then picked winners based on those same preferences of what we thought the best restaurant should be. It's not going to be perfect, but then again, neither is the NCAA Tournament! So here at JD Sanders we embrace debate and would love to hear from you on what your favorite is, but please be civil!

    Let's Begin!

    First Round

    Satchel's Pizza defeats Reggae Shack Cafe

    With more than 300 reviews and an average of 4 out of 5 stars, Satchel's cruises to an easy first round win. Everything is made in house, the dough they use for their pizzas is seriously amazing and if you haven't tried their calzones, do yourself a favor and try one this week. You won't regret it.

    Amelia's defeats Dragon Fly Sushi

    In a minor upset, Amelia's barely slipped past Dragon Fly Sushi. Amelia's serves great Italian food from Chef Andy and the price is very reasonable for the quality. Although they only have around 50 reviews, almost all of them have great things to say. A great date spot as well, treat your sweetheart to their amazing seafood Italian dishes!

    Embers Wood Grill defeats Country Foodly

    ​This one was really tough to call. Country Foodly is amazing, it really is, but we gave the nod to Embers because of an exceptional dining experience that also offers great food. You know those steakhouses or seafood places that charge an arm and a leg and you end up driving through a fast food place because you are still hungry? Not at Embers! The appetizers and main courses are filling and delicious.

    Paramount Grill defeats Southern Charm Kitchen

    Although more of an upscale restaurant, Paramount Grill squeaked out Southern Charm Kitchen to advance. The food at Paramount is spectacular, with one review stating that it is better than some 3 star Michelien​ restaurants in Europe. Talk about a compliment!

    La Tienda Latina defeats Mac's Drive Thru

    Don't get us wrong, when you are in the mood for a great burger, go to Mac's! But for this list, La Tienda Latina is the winner. If you want some of the best Mexican food you will ever have but don't need a fancy atmosphere, well you have La Tienda Latina. The food is great, the price is right and that is what propelled La Tienda Latina to the next round.

    Piesanos defeats Cymply Fresh

    Brick Oven Pizza that would get approvals from even the most picky New Yorkers, Piesanos eeked out Cymply Fresh. The pizza and calzones are top notch, and free rolls on top of your meal is a nice touch!

    the TOP defeats Adams Rib Co.

    Adams Rib Co. was one of the only BBQ joints on the list, but that wasn't enough to keep it in the bracket! the TOP features one of the greatest atmospheres in Gainesville. On top of the atmosphere, the food is great! Featuring an extensive menu with amazing burgers and other entrees, the TOP is a great place for family outings, meeting friends or for a special occasion date night. Anyone can feel comfortable in the vintage yet modern setting.

    Hogan's Great Sandwiches defeats Square 1 Burgers

    Hogan's is one of the best delis around, so they get the nod over Square 1 Burgers. Hogan's offers amazing sandwiches that are more than filling as well as a great selection of beer! A good sandwich and beer? Sign us up.

    Round 2

    Satchel's Pizza defeats Amelia's

    In the battle of Italian foods, Pizza beats Pasta. Satchel's environment and the quality of the pizza outweighed Amelia's delicious pastas.

    Embers Wood Grill defeats Paramount Grill

    In the battle for local grill supremacy, Embers comes out on top here. From the top down, Embers just has a phenomenal restaurant.

    La Tienda Latino defeats Piesanos

    ​Seriously, we can't stop thinking of those tacos! La Tienda wins! 

    the TOP defeats Hogan's Great Sandwiches

    We felt that atmosphere was the biggest factor here. the TOP is such a good place to meet people and just have a genuinely fun time while eating. It is rare to find that.

    Round 3

    Embers Wood Grill defeats Satchel's Pizza

    This is when it was really hard to pick. Embers has an amazing wait staff and everyone is very professional, which is why we picked it to beat out Satchel's which is still amazing!

    the TOP defeats La Tienda Latino

    Again here is where atmosphere played a major part. La Tienda Latino is a great restaurant with amazing food and people, but the TOP has a dining experience that can't be topped.


    the TOP defeats Embers Wood Grill

    Congratulations to the TOP on winning the JD Sanders Best Restaurant in Gainesville bracket! By now you know everything you need to know about the TOP. An amazing menu, amazing staff and just an overall great experience propels them to victory.

    JD Sanders RV Center

    We hope that this bracket starts some great talking points among friends and family! The weather is getting nice and if you are thinking of getting out and looking for your next adventure, start at JD Sanders. We offer great deals on amazing new and used RVs. We would love to get to know you, so if you are thinking of buying a new RV, come on down to JD Sanders today!





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