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  • Published on May 01, 2015

    The Beginners Guide for RV Maintenance

    The beautiful weather is here and so is peak travel season. Most of us have been waiting to get out and take a trip somewhere new or to one of our favorite places. As seasoned RV'ers know, it's important to be prepared. If you are new to RVing then you might need to have a checklist of things you need to maintenance before you hit the road. To get you started we’ve compiled a beginners RV checklist for you!


    1. Check Tire Pressure

    Before going anywhere it is important to check your tire pressure. Having the correct tire pressure is imperative to staying safe on the road. You’ll want to check with your RV manufacturer and the tire manufacturer to see what the recommended tire pressure is for your RV. They do vary, so it’s important to know this information before putting air in your tires. Once you’ve got the correct air pressure in your tires, install a tire pressure monitoring system so you’ll know when it's time to fill them up.

    2. Fill Batteries

    Your batteries help your RV run and function so it is very important that you make sure they have enough fluid and are in good working condition. If you are traveling in particularly harsh environments you’ll want to check the levels weekly just in case you were to run into an emergency. You never want to drain the battery completely, it becomes hard on the cells and constant drainage can cause damage to the battery.  

    3. Replace Batteries

    Make sure you replace any old batteries that you may have in your CO2 detector, fire alarm, or any other important equipment in your RV. Set up a schedule to change them regularly so you don’t forget. It’s also best to keep extra  batteries on hand in case of an emergency. 

    4. Check the Slide

    Spray your slide with silicone spray or lithium grease to maintain slide rails and slide wipers. 

    5. Replace Water Filters

    These filters usually are good for a few months but some states water may have a higher calcium or iron content which would require you to change your filters out more frequently. Bring a portable water softener along, that way you can ensure you will have fresh clean water wherever you go. 

    6. Exterior Wash

    By washing your RV you will be able to find any leaks in the ceiling and can more closely inspect the exterior and find anything that needs to be fixed. Washing your RV will also remove any engine grime, road salt and acidic bird droppings.

    7. Change the Oil

    Check your manufacturers recommendation on how often to change the oil. It varies for each RV so you’ll want to know for sure how often it needs to happen in order to keep your RV in good running condition.

    8. Check the Generator Oil

    Again you’ll want to check with the manufacturer on how often you should change your generator oil. You should also try to run your generator for about an hour each month. This helps keep the fluids fresh and your small engine free of corrosion.

    9. Clean Holding Tanks

    Try using some natural enzyme-based tank cleaning products instead of ones with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is toxic and is even illegal in some states. General rule of thumb for cleaning out your tanks is twice a year for freshwater tanks, 4 times of year for gray tanks and black water tanks should be cleaned every time when drained.   

    10. Water Tank Maintenance

    Cleaning your water tank twice a year will help reduce calcium build up. You can purchase a water heater tank rinser and an anode rod to stop calcium build up from damaging your water heater. 

    We hope that this beginners checklist helps you to remember any maintenance things before you hit the road. This is just a small list to get you started but it’s recommended that you check with your manufacturer and have your RV serviced and inspected before trying to do anything you're uncomfortable with. If you need a part or need to have your RV serviced before your trip, JD Sanders RV has a service center and an online parts store. Feel free to contact our service center with any questions or if you need to schedule a service.


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