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  • Published on Dec 12, 2013

    Be Safe this Holiday Season

    As the holiday season approaches, many people will be taking to the highways in their RVs or campers for their seasonal vacation.  Following some simple guidelines and rules will ensure you'll be safe no matter the weather conditions. JD Sanders RV Center wants to make sure you get to your destination safe with these simple RV driving tips. Native Florida residents may be unfamiliar with driving in snowy conditions, so JD Sanders RV is here to help!

    Safety Starts with the Driver

    Often overlooked, the best way to keep the vehicle safe starts with the driver. Staying alert and awake can often be a challenge. Driving in adverse conditions can be quite draining and tiring. Make sure to plan ahead for mental and physical breaks for the driver. Wintery weather can develop with little warning and make an immediate impact on driving conditions. Be a prepared driver by reviewing weather conditions for your trip prior to driving.

    Vehicle Safety

    When you've finished preparing yourself for a long trip, you should also check your RV or travel trailer before hitting the road. As the months gets colder, many people forget to check their vehicle's tire pressure. The colder seasons will naturally drop the pressure in your tires and will need adjusting. Traveling in a vehicle with low tire pressure can negatively impact your fuel mileage, traction, and stability. Be safe and save on gas money by checking your tire pressures before you travel.

    On-the-road Driving Tips

    Driving in winter weather is like going on a first date; only go as far as your comfortable! If you hit a suddenly high amount of precipitation, it is okay to pull over and wait out the weather a bit. Avoid using cruise control in slippery or snowy conditions. If you lose traction, your vehicle will continue to spin the wheels in an effort to maintain speed and lose control very quickly.

    Your Holiday Plans

    Share your driving tips in the comments and let us know how you prepare for traveling. Maybe your tip could be a life-saver for someone else or maybe you learned something new here; either way, we love feedback! JD Sanders RV Center wishes you all a happy and safe holiday travel season!  


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