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  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
    Top Social Sites for the RVer

    Some people have the misconception of an RVer as a hermit type character that wants to disconnect from the social world.  As you and I know, this is not the case! One of the best things about traveling are the new friendships and connections you make along the way.  And although it used to be difficult constantly making new friends on the road that no longer holds true. Since the internet came along RVers now have access to a bunch of tools to connect you to other like minded RVers on the road.




    Dubbed the social network for RVers, RVillage is a great way to find other RVers in any location you find yourself in.  With this site you can easily share your location and browse through the other users in your area.  Connect based on common interests such as fishing, hiking, and more.  You can even plan meet ups for you future RV destinations.  With almost 60,000 members in RVillage you never have to camp alone.

    Site:  RVillage

    RV With Me

    screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-10-53-56-amEver wondered what the Airbnb of RVing was?  Well you’ve found it.  RV With Me is an easy way to connect RVers with local hosts all in one easy, safe, and comprehensible site.  Once you’ve picked a date and location browse through the host’s sites and request a stay.  You have the option to chat and to ask questions before you book to ensure that you have the perfect accommodation. This is a perfect site to connect RVers with some passionate like minded individuals.

    Site:  RV With Me


    Meetup is a website that brings thousands of people together based on common interests. It’s main goal is to connect people and have them bond by spending time doing what they love, to explore, teach, and learn new things.  And of course they have an RVing Enthusiast group with 10,000 members strong across the world.

    Site: Meetup

    RVing Women

    RVing as woman, especially RVing solo as a woman, is often thought of as difficult or too screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-21-44-amdangerous.  And although it’s still important to be safe while on the road, this group of women provides an examples that shows otherwise. RVing Women, as the title implies is a great resource to connect woman across the US and Canada who RV.  The have chapters across theses countries that hold camping, educational, and social events.  This is a site that encourages building strong and healthy female relationships and provides a great network of experienced RVers to do so.

    Site: RVing Women

    RV Happy Hour

    screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-36-09-amRV Happy Hour is a forum where everyone from newbie RVers to veteran RVers come together to chat, discuss, and share stories.  This is a great site if your looking for some good advice from some well seasoned travelers.  Its also great if those experienced RVers feel like sharing their wealth of knowledge with the first timers to try and give them an extra hand.

    Site: RV Happy Hour


    pio-47Have you ever wanted to pack it all in and hit the road full time in an RV? That’s exactly what the Hannans did when they ditched the corporate lifestyle of Orange County, CA to travel across America. They work full time in the RV while visiting friends, family and the scenic areas of this country. You can follow the Hannans (and their newborn daughter!) and seek adventure.

    Site: www.shorelooksnice.com.

    The RV community is huge, and is growing faster than ever.  It’s full of adventurous, friendly, and outgoing campers and you should be apart of it.  With these tools hopefully it’s easier to reach out and build some great connections for your next RV adventure.


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