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  • Published on Jul 03, 2014
    Top Water Parks in Florida

    Top Water Parks in Florida

    Water parks are a great way to beat the summer heat.  Many of them now are offering more than just a place to take a dip in the pool. They are increasing the thrills by making their waterslides taller with twists and turns and dips to make your stomach flip, and making their wave pools wavier and lazy river’s longer and more enjoyable.  It just so happens that Florida has 5 of the top 10 water parks in the country right around the corner for you and your family to enjoy.  Here is a list of the top water parks to visit in Florida.

    1. Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World- Typhoon Lagoon has been in the top list of water parks ever since it opened.  Guests can surf 4 foot waves in the wave pool; snorkel among sharks, sting rays and tropical fish in their man made coral reefs; sunbathe on their white sandy beaches; or relax on the lazy river.  Located in the heart of Disney, it’s the perfect place to take your family.
    2.  2.Blizzard Beach at Disney World- Blizzard Beach is a ski resort turned Water Park also in the heart of Disney.  With its winterized themed you’ll feel like you are really in the snow capped mountains in the middle of Florida’s hot summer heat.  If you are looking for a thrill, Mt. Gushmore is the tallest and fastest waterslide in the park and is the most popular attraction.  And for the kids, the play area includes Snow Castle Fountain and kid sized waterslides so the little ones can enjoy some excitement too.
    3. Aquatica at Sea World- Sea World now has its very own water park for its guests to enjoy. Ihu’s Breakaway Falls and Dolphin Plunge are the most popular attractions at Aquatica.  Ihu’s Breakaway falls is new to the water park and features a multi drop plunge where you free fall for portions of the ride, forcing riders to face their fears and take the plunge.  Dolphin Plunge is a side by side waterslide that actually takes you under water in an enclosed tube where you can view all kinds of sea life while passing through.  No other water park in the United States has anything like it.
    4. Surf Lagoon at Wet N Wild Orlando- The biggest attraction at Wet N Wild is the surf lagoon where guests can surf or ride 4 foot tidal waves in their 17,000 square foot wave pool.  Try to keep you head above the water!  Also at Wet N Wild is a new attraction, the Aqua Drag Racer. It’s a 4 lane water slide where you ride down headfirst on a 350ft track from about 65 feet above the ground.  Take on your family or friends and see who comes out the fastest.
    5. The last on the list is Adventure Island in Tampa- Adventure Island has an array of different rides for the whole family.  From twisting water slides to the lazy river and no wake pools, there’s fun at every turn.  For the thrill seeker, the Gulf Scream certainly lives up to its name. You start at the top of a 210 ft platform and plummet down to the bottom into a pool after reaching speeds of up to 25 mph! If wading through a tropical rainforest is more your speed, you’ll love to sit back and relax in your own personal inner tube on the Rambling Bayou.

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    No matter what your taste in water parks; fast and furious or slow and relaxed, there’s something for everyone in Florida.  So, pack up your family in your RV and head out to one of these popular tourist attractions today! 


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