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  • Published on Sep 11, 2014
    Vintage Camper Facts

    Did you Know?

    When people talk about famous RVs that have been around forever here in America, they will often talk about an Airstream.

    But some people might not know that there used to be another iconic camper back in the day as well. The Volkswagen Campervan was also a very popular model of camper that was produced in Europe and made its way over to the US shortly after. The VW van was known by several nicknames, including “micro bus” “mini bus” hippie van” and more.

    Both the Airstream and the VW Campervan go way back and are unique in their own ways. This post will take a closer look at the two vintage campers and will give interesting facts you may not have known!

    VW Camper Facts

    - The first VW Campervan was produced in 1950, and in 1950 VW was producing 10 campers a day.

    - In its 63 year history, 10 million vans were produced

    - Production in the US and Europe stopped in 1973, but it wasn’t until 2013 when all production stopped. Brazil was the only country left producing.

    - In the 1960’s the van was a large part of the hippy scene. Famous photos of the van can be seen at Woodstock or other large events in the 60’s.

    - The second hand market for the VW Campervan is alive and well because it is a brand of camper that is recognized around the world.

    Airstream Facts

    - The first Airstream was made in 1929 using a tent and a Model T Ford chasis. 

    - In 2006 more than 65 percent of all Airstreams ever made were still on the road. A remarkable statistic that shows just how great Airstreams are.

    - There are several RV parks that are specifically for Airstream owners.

    - Airstreams are also being used for hotels as well with several new Airstream hotels popping up along the coasts.

    - The Airstream is still in production and as of this year there are more models produced than ever before.

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