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  • Published on Aug 13, 2018

    People who spend time outdoors have to love nature. The good – beautiful views, glimpses of shy wildlife, exploring somewhere few people have been; The bad – days without a shower, pesky insects, inclement weather. While we share this love of exploration and wilderness, there are definitely different categories outdoorsy people fit into. Which one are you?

    The Trendy Adventurer

    This person has all the best and latest gear, while still making sure it coordinates and fits in with the current hipster look. They are the safe adventurer, never quite losing cell service, and always having their Smartphone ready to capture that next great Instagram photo. They like camping spaces that are well defined and close to civilization, while still getting the outdoor experience they can blog about when sitting by the fire.




    The Modern Hippie

    Affectionately called “Granola’s” by many people, this person is all about connecting with nature on a personal level. Their bare feet and unkempt hair is a sign that they take being one with nature seriously. You’ll find this type of outdoors man well off the beaten path, taking in scenery that has not had much human interaction or defilement. With their organic supplies and worn but serviceable gear, they are well equipped to wander off and find what they’re looking for.

    The Experts

    If you fall into this category, you are an avid outdoors man. Be it biking, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, kayaking… you do it all. These experts have it all packed and ready to go, able to live off the land for days at a time without worrying about how they’ll survive. They’re ready for anything Mother Nature has to throw at them and thrive under open skies. These are the people you want in group whenever you head outdoors.

    The Lifers

    More at home in an impromptu lean-to than in any house or apartment, the lifers are that small group of outdoors man who make it their life to live off the land. They are the guides, the survivalists who make their living doing what they love. If you fit in this category, you probably won’t ever see this article! With all the attention some lifers are getting on hit T.V. shows, don’t be surprised when you’re offered a spot on Mountain Men.


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