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  • Published on Jul 06, 2017
    Why people are choosing RVs over Hotels

    Before our family ever started RVing I never thought twice about staying in a hotel. It was just something that our family did when we traveled or went on vacation. It wasn't until we were Full Time RVers and out of convenience for a wedding, we stayed in a hotel and saw clearly how the RV Life takes the cake against staying in a hotel.

    Its about the Benjamins

    Research says that RV Vacations are 23-59% less expensive for families travel in an RV vs a hotel. That can add up to a lot of CASH! I'm sure there's a lot things you'd like to tumblr_nqrksif9zh1ti0w37o1_500do with that extra money, especially go camping MORE!

    Meals are a large expense for a lot of people when they travel. Although you still probably want to enjoy nice or unique restaurants in the places you travel, it's great to
    save money on most of your meals by having your kitchen with you on your trip.


    The Code

    Remember all those friends you met while staying in hotels over the years? Yeah, neither do we. However with camping, we have countless like minded people that we've enjoyed time with. In fact there seems to be an unwritten code among campers (if it's written somewhere let us know), that to be a camper means that you have a be friendly. You'll notice that when you pull into the campground, fellow campers (not staff) will help you park and get set up. In a hotel there is no code among hotel guests and the only people who are willing to help you are on the payroll.

    A Big Backyard

    Didn't get the country house on a hill overlooking a beautiful vista that you wanted? No worries, go camping and you can enjoy a big yard with whatever type of view you want. With a hotel you may get lucky and get a room with a view, but usually you're at the mercy of the computer.79511_2

    On-Site Activities and Entertainment

    Most hotels offer a place to stay with little to no activities to entertain their guests. Most campgrounds offer a variety of activities ranging from Lawn Bowling to Fishing on a stocked pond. Often the activities are family and friend related to make it easy to create fond memories on your adventure.

    Time for the Parents Virginia Campground (44)

    Depending on the agephoto 1 (13) of your kids if you're in a hotel and put them down for the night you have to be careful with what you do and what noise you make. In an RV, put the kids down and head to the campfire to spend time with your significant other, friends, food, drinks and music!

    Sleep in Your Own Bed

    It's nice to know that someone else didn't sleep in your bed the night before and even nicer to wake up in your own bed with a view.


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