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  • Published on Dec 26, 2016

    FC038747.jpgMany years ago while camping with some friends, one of the guys in our group had on a sweater. The only problem is that it was a sweltering hot day! When we asked him if he'd lost his mind or was on some new weight loss fad to sweat off the weight, he let us know it was laundry day the day he packed.  This meant he was going to be nicknamed "sweaty sweater boy"...

    Laundry has never been easier while Traveling in an RV.JPGPeople who put laundry off until the pile is taking over usually do it because they love clean clothes but hate the act of doing laundry. Luckily the RV Industry offers a wide variety of options. Review them so you can make sure you select the right option for your lifestyle so you don't end up like Warm Sweater Wally.

    • Washer/Dryer Combo

      This is hands down our favorite way to do laundry. It's just like at home. The new washer/dryers hold a good size load. The downside is that they can take 2-3 hours to do a load depending on the settings. But the convenience of having full laundry access in your RV is making a lot of people Happy Campers!

    • RV Resort

      Many RV Resorts and Parks have laundry facilities. Similar to the laundromat with the machines, but conveniently located and usually much less crowded. Always use camping courtesy and switch your clothes on time for other campers that might need to do a load.Many RV Parks offer Laundry Services.jpg

    • The Laundromat

      The big plus is that you can load up that pile of dirty clothes and get them all done at once. The payment method often varies from quarters to a card system. Make sure you bring multiple payment options or call ahead. Bring something to occupy your time.

    • Mini Machines

      There are some fantastic products that will allow you to do your laundry while small space living. Many RVers who have Class B or C's will use mini machines and hang dry them on a ladder drying rack.

    • Dry Cleaners

      They'll often have drop off service and sometimes even will come pick it up from you. This is great for the campers who despise doing laundry and would rather pay someone than do it themselves.

    If you'll be taking extended trips or becoming a Full Time RVer the laundry situation is a must to be dealt with. If you have any further questions or know of any products for doing Laundry in an RV that you recommend, let us know in the comments.


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