LP Gas, Tanks, Regulators & Hoses

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Most RVs today require LP gas (liquid propane) to operate the stove top, the oven, the water heater, the furnace and the refrigerator. At J.D Sanders RV Center we are ready, willing and able to fill your on board or removable LP tank.

We stock LP tanks for your RV or gas grill too. We keep both 20 lb and 30 lb tanks on hand and can order larger tanks as needed

In our Parts Department you will find LP gas regulators and LP gas hoses of various lengths and purposes. Want to operate your gas grill from your on-board LP tank? We have the parts necessary to make it so. Want to bypass your on-board tank and draw LP from a smaller tank, so you don't have to move your motorhome? We have the parts and hoses you need.

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