Rain Water Leak Testing

Sealtech RV Leak Detector

Sealtech RV Leak DetectorThis new leak detecting machine draws in a high volume of air from a roof vent and disperses it throughout the inside of the coach.

With all the doors and windows closed, the coach becomes pressurized slightly.

With the pressure inside pushing out, we can easily find any leaks that may be hiding anywhere on your RV or trailer. 

Leak Test Process

A soapy water solution is sprayed on the exterior components that penetrate the coach "shell".

Bubbles indicate a leak. Where air gets out, water can get in! A simple roof seam leak can cause a lot of interior water damage.

Rain Leak Soap TestLeak Test Results


The foam rubber seals around the window frames has compressed and deteriorated to the point that every window is leaking on this unit.

This has caused extensive delaminating of the exterior fiberglass panels and dry rot on the interior.

Leak Tests at JD Sanders RV Center

Get your unit tested today before it's too late. 

A little preventative measures today will save you big on repair costs in the future. 

Contact us today to schedule a leak test. Call us at 386-462-3039 or use our online contact form. 

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